Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Editions: H&M Mania!

 By Jennifer Joseph

Hi Dolls,
I am starting to get the hang of things and starting to post as much times during the week as possible. Anyways this post will focus on the great items I purchase this week or the week before.
Sandals- H&M (10$)/ Purse-H&M (10$)
I purchased both of these items at H&M and guess what? both of them were 10$ I couldn't resist to buy them! I first feel in love with these sandal wedges in nude color and they were 35$ at first and when I decided to go by the other day I saw these black ones for 10$ I had to get them they go with everything and they are pretty comfy. Now this bag has to be the cutest bag I have ever seen it was originally 19.99$ but got it for 10$, it is a great simple little purse to have and have been wearing about every where.
Shirt-H&M (5$)
So I couldn't resist getting this graphic shirt. I first saw this and it was 19.99$ and when I found it was 5$ it was an amazing deal! Plus it is a great tribute to the amazing Michael Jackson.
Loafers-Aldo's (30$)/ Yellow purse-H&M (19.99$)
I got these loafers awhile back and just added them to this new edition and this yellow purse I got because it reminded me of an Easter egg.
Top-H&M (34.95$)
Last but not least I also got this top at H&M and I huge fan of snake and leopard patterns.
JJ xox

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