Thursday, 8 March 2012

News: How To Deal With Fashion Envy?

By Jennifer Joseph
Hey honey bees,
The other I picked up the March issue of Teen Vogue and finally got a chance to read it after a busy week of school and all! I wanted to share this article with you all! This article was really interesting to me and I found that the article was exactly what Jamila and was thinking about girls doing anything to be able to get that certain "it bag" but don't have the money and would have to save up to get it or how do those girls with no job afford these fabulous things? Jamila and I had a brief discuss about this on the phone so it's funny that in this teen vogue issue, the issue we were both talking about is actually brought to life. I don't wanna be a nag so you guys should for yourselves and let me know you think about this article!!! I posted the link below, but before I let you read this wonderful article I want to leave you with these three questions to think about?:
1. Do you ever get jealous of what other girls wear around you?
2. Are you the type to save up all your money just to get that certain ''It Item"?
3. Do you envy the celebrities that are the same age as you?

This article will give you all the answers! Have a good read.

Here is the link:
JJ xox

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