Saturday, 16 June 2012

New Editions: Birthday Special!

 By Jennifer Joseph
Hey dolls,
So my birthday just passed I am excited to share the wonderful pictures of the dinner my friend Ashley and I put together at this gorgeous restaurant named Joey’s, it was overall an amazing night that I will never forget! A part of this new edition will be items that were bought by friends and the birthday money and gift cards that I have received from my parents and my friends.

Black and bright neon pink chiffon tank-H&M (14.95$)
The bright pink top I have been looking forward to purchasing for awhile now, so I decided to get it while shopping with one of my shopaholic friend’s at the time. When I went to get the pink one I also saw the black one and I knew that I just had to have it! I got them for a great deal and plus I already have the same shirt in the white. The back of this tank top is made of chiffon and it is see through, my friend that day decided to get the bright neon green one and I am starting to consider it myself…hmmmm! I bought these items on the gift card that my two guy friends gave me, love them!

Nude color clutch –ALDO’S (35$)
Spiked bracelet-ALDO’S (12$)
Small wallet-H&M (2$)
So I wanted this clutch for awhile it is so cute and I can wear with everything, I wore it to my birthday dinner that night with my dress. I am also gonna get the bright neon green one and the bright pink clutch soon. These spiked bracelets are so cute I am in love with them, I received so many compliments on them and plus they are so cheap! This small wallet I decided to get for when I carry clutches around to carry my money and debit card in!

Gold Cleopatra necklace-H&M (14.95$)
So when I first saw this necklace I was in love my friend also wanted to purchase it but she didn’t in the end. I like challenging my self by incorporating new funky jewelry into my wardrobe and when I saw this necklace I thought it was the perfect statement necklace.

Steve Madden black pumps-Town Shoes (112$)
So I don’t have a pair of nice black pumps…I know right ! Why don’t I have a pair ? Well I am not sure why actually…These heels I got for a good deal they are originally 120$ but they were on sale for 90$ how amazing is that! 

Cheetah maxi dress-H&M (34.95$)
I don’t think I need to say how much I am in love with cheetah prints, when I saw these I was kind of hesitate at first but I tried it on I saw so many things I can pair this dress with. So I just went for it and my friend got it as well!

JJ xox

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  1. i have the same small h&m wallet

    check out my blog and you will read my post on nude color pumps and the h&m matching wallet