Monday, 24 February 2014

Event: Peter Pilotto for Target Collection: Review

A few weeks ago I was super excited to learn that Target was collaborating with designer duo Peter Pilotto to offer a chic and affordable collection to the masses. As explained in my previous post, this collection was filled with beautiful prints and texture perfect for the spring and summer seasons and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. So as promised here is my experience attending the reveal of the collection:
After a long night of celebrating a friends birthday, my sister and I decided to get up at 6:30 A.M. to arrive to Target early to get a head start on the lineup. To our surprise when we arrived there were only around fifteen people ahead of us, so I was feeling very confident that we would get the pieces on our list. Thirty minutes before doors opened, a Target employee explained the rules we had to follow in terms of how many items we can purchase. As explained, each customer could only purchase one of each style of clothing, meaning you can only get one skirt, one dress, one blouse... At first I thought that these rules provided were not fair especially because I wanted to get more than one skirt, but after thinking about what took place, these rules actually worked in our favour. As planned my sister and I decided to divide and conquer and pick up all the pieces we could get our hands on. Exactly at 8am the doors open and this is where the story turns for the worse. You wouldn't believe it, the minute the doors open customers literally pushed and sprinted their way towards the women section and grabbed everything in site despite the rules that was explained to us. By the time my sister and I got there, there was hardly anything left.
Apparently the location I went to didn't carry the entire collection compared to other Toronto locations. On top of the lack of quantity and selection, the quality of this collection was horrible!!!Literally most of the items looked cheap. The items that were advertised to us for the weeks before the debut did not look anything like what was presented to us in person. Fortunately this was not a complete waste of my time because after waiting near the fitting rooms, I did manage to get two items that I was actually happy with.
Overall, I was really disappointed in this collection and thought the quality and quantity could have been better and thought that the prices directly effected make of the collection. In my previous post I implied that this collection was the best designer collaboration target has offered so far, but unfortunately after what I experience that statement is far from the truth. But then again these are just my opinions. Below are a few pics I managed to snap of the two items I purchased.
-Jamila H
 Bathing Suit Top- $22.99
Sweater- $29.99
On another note target did have a few good deals on movies so i picked up two of my favourite movies, Clueless and Mean Girls for only $5.99!
So what do you guys think? Share with us your experience with the Peter Pilotto for Target Collection.
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