Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Look Back of Our Favourite 2013 Moments!

Hello dolls,
There are a few posts that we didn't have the chance to put together and this a look back at our favourite moments of 2013! From the press day event we got invited to by Lotus Leaf Communications to the Beyonce concert we both attended. All these moments we left in 2013 but will never be forgotten we had too fun much in 2013 and we are ready to make big moves in 2014. Here are a few pictures of those wonderful moments:

Overall press days are always a great experience we love getting introduced to new collections on the market and  love socializing amongst other Toronto fashion bloggers. Here are some of pictures of some great people and collection we got to view.

Henkaa, which is Japanese for change, is a great collection of convertible garment and I believe this is convenient for every women out there. Every garment can be worn in multiple ways and you can even get creative with your fabric. This is perfect for bridesmaids or even for vacations, for more information check out
The Guess Collection celebrating 30 years of their brand existing.

This store features the most amazing umbrellas, waterproof gear and winter gear visit their website for more information at
 Hillberg & Berk:
This jewelry company offers real sterling silver accessories starting from $65 to $1295. The company has been open for seven years now. The owner travels around the world to get specifics gems for her line.
Dr. Martens:
I just got recently introduced to docs I can't lie I wasn't a huge fan from the start but seeing little babies wear them to Jamila and my sister convincing me they are the best boots to have, I might get myself a pair. Can we just take a minute to look at how adorable these docs are for babies.
I think I can say that both of us were starstruck...Like I never get starstruck but I literally did that night. Beyonce killed it, destroyed, murdered it, slayed honey...I have no words to describe that night. We were both very impressed with her performance and vocals from start to finish and it was worth every penny. If you didn't have a chance to go well all I can say is that you missed out.
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