Thursday, 21 November 2013

Style: Alter Ego Celebrity Couple Watch IT! Gift Guide

As you know the holidays are slowly approaching and it's that time of year to surprise your significant other with a special a gift! Why not surprise them with a watch! A perfect memorable gift for the holidays, it makes for a great finishing touch to an outfit. With couples hustling to buy each other a watch they get the chance to find out what time of couple they are with the help of their styles. Here are three types of couples that exist and the type of styles of watches they would wear:

The power couple such as Jay-Z and Beyonce love watches that make a statement and these watches below definitely do. It is all about the bling and the gold.

Men: Diesel Little Daddy-$390                               Women: Michael Kors Camille Glitz Chrono-$660

The royal couple such as William and Kate are all about the elegance and definitely go for the classic and timeless watch. For this couple it isn't about the statement it is about the structure and piece of the watch.

Men: Black Emporio Armani-$495                         Women: Citizen Ceo Drive Silhouette-$325

This couple such as Dion and Elisha are all about experimenting with their style. They love a unique watch that will attract attention and make a statement. Something that usually hasn't been seen.

Men: Novo Unknown-$230                                                                 Women:Karl Lagerfeld Zip-$419

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