Thursday, 11 July 2013

OOTD: A Dollar & A Nightmare

For J Cole the song goes "Ay I got a dollar and a dream..." but as for Jennifer and myself the tune goes a little different,  it goes more like "Ay, I got a dollar and a nightmare." Though we had a dollar in our pockets and a dream to see J Cole live in concert during his Dollar and A Dream tour in Toronto, unfortunately there were many other Torontonians who also shared that similar dream and in result due to the thousands of fans waiting in line, the venue reached its capacity and a good chunk of the crowd was forced to walk away. I couldn't believe it! After waiting in line for more than two hours under the hot blazing sun we didn't even get the chance to see one little glimpse of J Cole. So disappointed with what just took place, we decided to stay around the venue with the hopes that J Cole would feel some sort of sympathy for the hundreds of fans who waited in line and hold a second concert. Let me just say that was a even bigger waste of time. He just tweeted his fans saying along the lines of how he was sorry that not everyone who came out didn't get a wrist band. Anyways though the day was a complete FAIL we did try to enjoy what was left of the day.
 Jamila's Outfit Pic
Jennifer's Outfit Pic
 The aftermath... Hopefuls still waiting around
Outfit Details

On Jamila:
Top & Ring-Forever 21
Watch-Michael Kors

On Jennifer:
Dress & Bag-H&M
Jean Vest-Sirens
Accessories-Claire's & Urban Outfitters

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