Friday, 3 February 2012

Beauty: Strip Your Problems Away!

By Jennifer Joseph 
Hey dolls,
I wanted to do a quick beauty post today about the Sally Hansen salon effects real nail polish strips. When I first heard and saw these nail strips I feel like Mrs. Hansen solved all my problems with nail polish. I don't know how many of you out there hate the fact that it takes so much time to dry your nails or applying a second coat on your nails for the color to pop or even starting your nails over because it smudge well get ready to say goodbye to all those problems.

With these lovely strips we get instant salon effects and no dry time, how perfect is that? It's perfect for people on the go like me. There are 41 nail polish strips to choose from that all are colors and have different patterns. I am personally obsessed with the "kitty kitty" nail strip because I am in love with a cheetah print and having it on my nails would be fabulous. These nail strips are only $8+ tax.
For more details feel free to go on the Sally Hansen website that I have posted below:
Will you be purchasing these bad boys? Because I am ready to test them out and when I do I promise to do a review about them.... see yah soon!

JJ xox

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