Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Collab: HeelsWithThat? x Modani

Hello lovelies,
We teamed up with Modani, a great furniture store, that specializes in contemporary and modern furniture. Jamila and I were asked to showcase our sense of style and personality by creating our own living room, which is fun and something we have never done so we decided to accept the challenge.

What's more chic then the classic black and white theme? Since I can remember I have always pictured my living room to consist of classic black and white pieces, so when asked to create a living room space that reflected my personal style, I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to create my "dream" living room. Though I tended to go for a classic look, I did choose pieces that gave my living a modern touch. From the pops of colour of the lemon grass pillows to the architectural chandler, these modern touches gave my living room a unified look. Modani's furniture line is genius because it provides pieces that reflect anyone's personal style and provided unique pieces that will definitely stand out within your home. Hopefully one day when I have my own space, I will be able to recreate this exact look.

I love to colour coordinate my items. I am a simple girl and I tend to add a pop of colour in my wardrobe when it is necessary. So when I had the chance to design my own living room with the beautiful home decor's from Modani, I was so excited! I wanted to give my living space a modern twist, I am a huge fan of adding some great statement pieces in my house like I do own in my closet. This room definitely reflects a lot of my personality, usually I tend to go towards all black but I want something I can call home that is calm yet still stylish hence the beautiful portrait of Audrey Hepburn that I added. I pay attention to every detail so my living space can have a uniform look.

If you like any of the furniture or accessories pieces we chose from Modani, you can check out other examples at their modern furniture stores or take a virtual tour of their showrooms.

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