Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Style:Trends-Grey Lipstick?

 By Jennifer Joseph      
Hey loves,
Jamila and I are certainly not back on the scene just yet our blog is still under construction but hopefully you are liking the little changes on the blog so far. We will be slowly posting a few things on the blog up for a little discussion that kind of catches our eye in the fashion industry just so you know that we are still alive and still in love with the blogging world...

So what recently caught my eye in fashion this week is grey lipstick being a new trend on the runway. I am not sure how I really feel about it actually. I think it may be that colour that looks fierce on a certain fashionista and personally for me I don't think it would do anything on me! Don't get me wrong it seems pretty cool and unique but I am not sure if I would be ready to add that colour to my collection. Estee Lauder is even coming out with a grey lipstick it is suppose to be what they call "luminizer."Chanel Iman, which I adore, looks stunning in it! What are your thoughts on this colour? Let me know! Look out for our posts every week!

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