Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Editions: Cheetah! Neon & Neutrals

By Jennifer Joseph

Hello dolls,
I want to try to post on the blog as much as I can and promise to post more outfits post and new editions post as well ! Today I am doing a post on the new editions I have in my closet now.
Cheetah blouse-H&M- (34.95$)
I am obsessed with cheetah that it is on another level, I think I have a full on collection of cheetah things, you name it I have it! I have been looking everywhere for a cheetah blouse and have finally had the chance to find one for a reasonable price. I have worn it once and I am already completely in love with it.

Cheetah sandals-ALDO’S (40$)
So I got these bad boys at Aldo’s and at first I was hesitate to buy them but when I tried them on I fell in love with them. They were too cute to resist plus they were on sale and I knew if I didn’t get them that day I would never see them again.

Nine West flats-The Bay-(35$)
These shoes have to be the best purchase I have made so far, they are nude Nine West flats and I had my eyes on them for awhile now and they were on sale at 50% off and the same day you get an additional 25% off, which kind of made my day.
White Vest-Urban Outfitters-(79$)
So I have to admit this vest was kind of pricey but I love it so much I couldn’t resist. I mean I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe so I decided to go for it and get it.
Neon pink bag-H&M-(17.95)                                                         
When I first grabbed this bag in the store I couldn’t let go of it I knew I just had to have in my life period. This neon pink bag was just too cute and I already have many outfit choices I would love to pair it with.

Straw fedora hat-Stitches-(6$)
I bought this hat because I was going to the next beach the next day after I purchased it and I thought it was simple, cute and affordable so I got it. Plus I needed to upgrade my other hat that was kind of similar that I decided to give away to donation.

JJ xox

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